We Have Received 4 Complaints From Registered Users

We have received 4 complaints from the last two months from people who registered their JUPEB under us through a platform we created here at JUPEB ALevel Registration  (alevels.com.ng), and we cannot keep quiet anymore. 4 complaints could be minimal, but it could be so damaging to an upcoming organisation who is finding hard to find it’s footing.

We are creating this page to explain how we work, to save our names we have built for years from all other A’level programs. We do not only offer JUPEB alone, our advanced study centres cover other forms of A’levels, including Cambridge A’ Level, IJMBE, NABTEB A’Level.

The major misunderstanding has always been about misconceptions of JUPEB registration. Though we have made it very clear that if anyone wants to attend the program at a particular university, such candidate should visit the university website and register directly. We further stated that anyone who registers under us (JUPEB Alevel Registration) will be distributed to AFFILIATED ADVANCED STUDY CENTRES that partners with us that are closer to them, and such candidates (those who will register under us) will attend the programme there. The examination of JUPEB, which is always June will be conducted under the university the ADVANCED STUDY CENTRES HAS AFFILIATED WITH.


Not to answer any question related to JUPEB under a particular university to avoid confusion, misconception, misappropriation, unauthorized representation. (if you have any question related to a particular university, visit that university website). Example like, when does registration for AAD university closes, when is BBU university entrance exam, etc.

JUPEB ALEVEL REGISTRATION is a platform setup by a private entity with a legal backing to make JUPEB registration easy to advanced study centres that we know have partnered with accredited universities by the JUPEB BOARD. Our Agency is operating based on trust and understanding between the Advanced Study Centres and the registered candidates, if you do not trust us enough, please do not register with us.

REFUND. We have changed our policy from no refund to people can request for REFUND. Take note that, if you ask for a refund, #50 is deducted for every transaction for bank stamp duty, and our inconvenience of #100. The amount of #150 is therefore deducted for a refund. If our bank decides to create a special window for us, whereby refund request can be honoured with just a call. Nothing will be removed from the #15,000 paid to us to your specified. Refund ONLY COVERS THE REGISTRATION fee. Acceptance fee, school fee, hostel fee, and examination fee is NOT REFUNDABLE if you have started lectures at one point or the other.

From the complainants we have received so far, the four complainants think that once they register with us, they are automatically sent to a particular university in that city or state, to run the programme whereas we have about 3 universities alone running JUPEB program in some states. This is where the confusion comes from mostly. So they are dissatisfied customers, we created this platform with a solution to solve and earn a name and living. So many people think that the four complainants are just small to react to, but we know that one call-out on Twitter, Facebook or  Instagram can ruin the best organisation in the world. This is why we are making this page to be the most popular page on this website for people to read first.

While we continue to seek more partnerships with affiliated centres till university level, we hope the complaints are minimized with this explicit information.

How To Ask For A Refund And You Are Not Satisfied

Write a letter requesting a refund to jupebreg@gmail.com, an acknowledgement letter should be sent back to you within 24 hours. Also, include with the letter,  the date you made the payment, the account details of where you want us to pay the refund registration fee to and if possible the reasons.

We promise to refund the registration fee within 5 business day. If you request a refund and didn’t get it within 5 days. Please, endeavour to call us on 08180679748, 08050904734

JUPEB result can be used in any universities of your choice after you are done with the program. It does not matter wherever you have chosen to do the programme, your result can be used to apply for 200 Direct Entry form among the listed partnering and affiliate JUPEB universities

Most Populated Universities And Their JUPEB Page For Registration.

If you do not want to run your JUPEB program in an advanced study centre, but you are not sure where you visit in their portal. We have compiled some of the lists of the universities and their JUPEB registration Page. Just click the name of the university below, you will be directed to their website.

  1.  University Of Lagos JUPEB
  2. University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, JUPEB
  4. University Of Ilorin JUPEB
  5. Alhikman JUPEB Program
  7. Obafemi Awolowo University JUPEB

The above is to help students. If you are a staff, and you want the link of your university to be removed or added, send us an email at jupebreg@gmail.com. Also read our Disclaimer here

Consulting Services For A’level Programs

If you are a school or representing a particular school, and you want a consulting service for any of the A’levels programme (IJMB, Cambridge A’Level, JUPEB, NABTEB A’Level) we will gladly do that for you. Our fees start from #480,000 for consultation. Which can be paid twice.

Visit JUPEB official website at jupeb.edu.ng for further details on JUPEB.

To further establish trust and ask the further question directly, meet the founder of this website at Michael Ekundayo on Facebook. (No further answers will be given to any questions relating to a particular university JUPEB even on Facebook to avoid confusion and misrepresentation. We believe in an open communication and explicit details. Michael Ekundayo takes full responsibilities for whatever is posted here.


  1. I feel what I did was not what I score and I had a dash in a subject can I order my exam script, please I’m really perplexed and devastated, I don’t know them marking guide but I wanna see my script.

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